How she would have felt? Was there anyone with her that time-any nurse or doctor or did they found out later? Was it peaceful? How? What was she thinking?

I know one thought that would have crossed her mind “Is this it? Is this how it is going to be-the end? I know because that thought had came to my mind few months back.

Covid-19 had claimed another life, my paternal aunt in her 50s. No previous medical condition.  Lungs malfunctioned,  two heart attacks-and all it took was just a week.

I had not seen her in years. The last memories I have of her is of my childhood, her younger and playful face, still when I heard I could not hold my tears. Tears of losing her, tears of the feeling that I would not see her ever. Not in any family gathering, not on my visit to her city. NevER.

But I think they were also the tears of fear. Fear which I had somehow managed to subdue and get used to the living “New Normal” life then there it came rushing back with the one phone call.

I used to make video calls to my mom every few hours from the hospital just to see her face and show her my face. Also to a friend who visited me few times and saw me from that glass door. I know the need of keeping your loved ones faces in your eyes. I know why my aunt called my uncle, her kids and other relatives to see her from outside just a day back, I know why it was important for her to see them and them to see her-talking and alive before she had to say BYE.

If you read this post-Please pray for her soul.









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