A girl commits suicide and leaves behind 13 cassettes tapes detailing the reasons for her suicide. Sounds familiar? Yes, I am talking about the well known and well acclaimed Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”. I avoided the series for long basically because I don’t usually watch any thing negative, anything depressing, anything showing real violence, real corruption/crime, real cinema, most of the troubling documentaries and what I hate the most are reality shows.

I know what you might be thinking and you may be right in whatever you are thinking.

Basically, I don’t like anything negative around me. I hate negativity. Because I can’t handle it. I don’t know how to handle it. I was never taught how and I could never learn myself. My best way of dealing with it is to escape (I am not proud of it) but this is what it is.

It is said that your brain is your biggest strength and your biggest enemy and I believe every letter of it. There was a time in my life when I was got captured by such negativity. Nothing could really help me. It took a while for me to get a hold of my brain, my negative emotions and I don’t want to lose it. For anything and anyone. Escape has been my best way. I can’t fight, I can’t argue, I can’t handle. I can’t.

But for a change I have decided to watch this series. I don’t know why. Really. 13 (Call me superstitious but I hate this number..LOL)….Just may be there is a part in me which wants to be touched with the reasons and the why’s.

Giving it a try. I will stop watching it if it made me depressed or sad. Let’s see.

3 thoughts on “TH1RT33N

  1. I love ther way you think.
    I tend to stay far away from negative people.
    I only watch stuff that is going to make me laugh.
    And, like you, I believe in the power of the brain.


  2. I made it through the first 3 episodes, and then decided to give it a miss. My son has watched it all – and his take on it was that it was ‘really emotional and left him feeling a little bit lost in a way’.
    I guess we are all different though, and respond to things differently.


    1. It happened to me as well in between. I started recollecting all my failures and disappointments but eventually came over it. It kept me hooked though. Finished 2 seasons and hardly studied in last 2 weeks. LOL

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