That kinda night

When you feel broken yet no pieces to pick

Feel sad but can’t weep

Want to talk but no words to speak

Have been talking to realize no one was listening

You wana sleep so you can dream

But know dreams changes with season

Guess if that is the reason

The world is in chaos, and so am I

Feeling nonsense, probably that’s what makes sense for the first time

You understand it or do you?

Definitely I got it or did I?

Crazy times and test is on,

Keep it mum, fragile glass can’t bear the noise

Broken, would be difficult to mend

Remind your soul friend,this too shall come to an end.

10 thoughts on “That kinda night

    1. Hi dear…I am all good. How are you doing? Hope things are better there now. I have started doing some studies since I have spare time, finished one course and meanwhile applying for jobs as well.

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      1. Things are still the same here, and getting more ludicrous by the day. Next week, we will be allowed to go to the movies, and eat in a restaurant. In public. With everyone else.
        But I am not allowed to go to my friends house and have coffee with her – when we have both been careful and not had much contact with the public.
        It just makes NO sense. I wish I knew how to do an eyeroll on my keyboard, LOL!

        I am so glad that you have been keeping busy – courses and skills development are a very important part of life, no matter which sphere they fall into. We need to learn and grow each and every day 😉
        Hoping and praying that something opens up in the job market for you sometime very soon.
        Thinking of you xx


      2. We are also not allowed to socialize much here but yea a gathering of 5 or less is allowed. I guess it should be OK if you visit your friend if you guys are taking all the precautions unless it is prohibited but law. I am really enjoying studying, its keeping me sane and busy. I still get super depressed at times for no reason, may be staying at home all the time and all the shit going around in the world. I kind of had a breakup too. I realized I cannot handle anymore negativity, not now not ever. This year has taught us a lot. What should be our priority and what kind of people we should be talking to. Any kind of negativity is dangerous for us. I really liked this person but I guess the constant complaints and blames were making me annoyed and angry. I don’t want that right now. Anyway, I hope things gets better for you soon. Take care. You are always on my mind too. Thank you so much. Lots of hugs XX

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      3. Oh yes, Amber! I think that in these trying times we need to better manage the things we allow in regarding stress and negativity… and it is sad that you had to ‘let someone go’ when there was potential… but it sounds like it was a wise choice.

        Visiting with a friend, in their home, is prohibited by law – and yet, they have just opened up restaurants and movie houses?!?!?! So I can’t go to my friend for coffee, where we have both been careful and not exposed ourselves… but I can go somewhere where many have passed through and may have been carriers?!?! It’s crazy times for sure!

        There has been a major increase in depression all the world over, and I do believe it really is due to all that is going on. I find that when I allow myself an hour or so to just FEEL, it’s a little easier to then turn to something that usually makes me happy, and shift my mood. Admittedly, it doesn’t make me as happy as it normally does, but the stress does get alleviated to a certain point – especially if I have let myself cry and scream into a pillow 😉

        I am thinking of you and sending lots of love and cyber hugs your way x


      4. Surely crazy. They can allow at least 5 close family and friends to meet. This is weird really. I hope your kids are coping up well. I am getting desperate now for things to go normal asap. Missing family desperately.
        I didn’t really let him go/ I just closed the door. I didn’t think much. I just did it. Blocked him. May be it’s immature but I am not in my best self and as I told you, right now even small negativity can really take me too down. I don’t want that.
        I indulged again today, one scoop of dark chocolate and one scoop of cotton candy. It was an extremely unproductive dull day. You are always on my mind. Take care. Hugs XX

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      5. I had to laugh out loud at your indulging. My ‘sister’ in America was saying the same thing yesterday : ”I’m having a sucky day, so I am eating ice cream” 😉
        I am learning that for the sake of emotional health, sometimes it is not always a childish response to just remove someone from our lives – sometimes it truly is self-preservation. And during these times, it is difficult enough to manage our own emotions, without still taking on extra negativity from others ❤
        I have two close friends here that I am really missing. And I think I am missing the 'in person' conversations – just being in someone's presence that I love and care for. That also takes a huge toll on emotional health :/
        My children have been okay – but I do see the effects in them. The planned school return means that my daughter will go back in a month, but I see that the teachers union is calling for all schools to be closed again. So who knows what will happen!
        I am truly grateful for technology though! ❤
        Thinking of you, xx


      6. I agree completely. I have been missing ‘In person’ communications so much, especially with one of my friend. Just missing being with her. There has been times when we just sit together and doesn’t even talk. We all are grateful for technology. Had it not been there, many people would have died from isolation. Thinking of you. Lots of love and hugs XX

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