Things happens for a Reason, or not?-COVID 19

Like me you may have also come across many such times when things didn’t make any sense. But then people say, there is a reason behind. If I look back on one year and things happened with me ……..what was the reason?

Right now I am writing from my Isolated hospital room in which I have been staying for last 7 days, why? Can you guess? There…yea, you are close. Yes, I had been tested positive for COVID 19 aka Coronavirus. How it happened, I can answer that. Two of my colleagues went to Italy, got affected, I got from them. But why it happened, I have no clue. At least not right now. When I look back at the chain of events, it seemed that destiny had this planned for us. Last month, I was in New York, having all the fun.  I flew back to Dubai, after few days my colleagues went to Italy including my Manager. Italy was unaffected by then, there were hardly 10 cases. If I am right, UAE had the same number of cases. But there was sudden outbreak in Italy. Within 2 days, the numbers of  positive cases crossed 300. Markets closed down, offices closed down, towns closed down. My colleagues took a wise decision, they booked the return flight and came back. Absolutely fine, in one shape. As a protocol, they were still asked to go for the checkup where they were tested for fever. No fever. They were fine and let go. They joined work, we talked, they shared stories of Milan.  Their shopping spree, bargaining tips, they showed their pictures. I scrolled through their phones to look at the awesome Milan pictures. I told my colleague, now please change your WhatsApp picture. LOL.  The next day, they came to office again, my one more colleague is here from USA. We all decided to go for lunch, KARACHI GRILL, authentic Pakistani food. LOL.

After two days, my colleague (returned from Italy) got symptoms, tested, after a day his results were positive. Me and my colleague had to be tested. My second colleague who also returned from Italy tested positive. More shocking his family, his wife and 16 year old daughter were positive too. Shock. we are in shock. I waited for my results desperately for 24 hours. I called them, they said your test is Negative but stay in Quarantine and observe. COOL. Quarantine is not that bad, at least I am in my home. Thank God.

Two days passed, I got up in the morning and had a mark on nose that we usually get in cold and fever. I panicked and checked my temperature. I don’t have fever. Thank god. Day passed. Its Thursday, 5th March. I had few calls, did that. Cleaned my house, watched TV and now its evening. Usually my friend visits me in evening but this week she is sick with her Dental pain. SAVED

By 8 PM, I started getting severe acidity and chest pain. I have been having acidity issues lately. I decided to make Banana and cold milk shake to reduce acidity affects. I had it cold. After an hour or so, I started sneezing. May be Cold milk was not a good idea. 11 PM, my body was aching bad. It seemed like fever. I started panicking and at the same time I had severe chest pain due to acidity. My friend called around 1 AM, I could hardly talk and kept the phone.

In the morning, I still have body pain. I made a tea for myself but I was still panicking so I called the doctor who tested me before. She told me, just take rest and take 2 Panadol. I did that. I had started feeling little better when they called around 10 AM and told me to come for check up again since I have been in close contact of two positive patients. I got tested but was made to sit in the hospital, in between my fever increased so they gave meds. Since we were two potential patients sitting in the same room, we both kept our N95 masks. After waiting for the whole day wearing mask, I started feeling sick, giddy, they gave me Nebulizer.

Around 9 PM, they told me I am positive and the whole scenario flashed through my eyes, me meeting with colleagues, looking at the pictures, being in the same car and sharing meals. GOD I am CoVid 19 positive…….

Everything happens for a reason, does it? Yesterday, I got to know Tom Hanks have been tested positive, this sickness has spready from a small town of China to the entire world within 3 months, markets are crashing and people are rightly panicking.

I don’t know if there is a reason to why this is happening.

Right now what I can think of is staying calm, focus on positivity and get well soon.

People out there Please be safe, cautious, hygienic and for your own sake build your immunity.










9 thoughts on “Things happens for a Reason, or not?-COVID 19

  1. Amber, thank you for sharing your journey through this illness. I appreciate your detailing the situation and the symptoms. I’m pleased that you are staying positive. The body-mind connection is real. Keep faith. You will get better. I’ll be here reading your posts and encouraging you on.


    1. Thanks Emily. Really appreciate it. I am keeping the faith. The support I am getting from friends, family and most importantly the medical staff helping us is tremendous. One of the nurse was speaking to me and she told me she has a two year old, when she goes back from hospital she is scared to hold her child. This was so overwhelming. I hope we all pass through this time successfully.

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