Cozy room, Television on Ceiling

“It’s a cozy room, you have got TV, free internet, take Netflix subscription. pass time”.

The doctor who came to see me yesterday from outside the glass door told me this. Yes right, cozy room, free internet, Netflix subscription and I should not forget the TV. Even though the TV is almost on ceiling and I usually listen to it than watching to avoid terrible strain on my neck. The last thing I want right now is any other strain on my body. The social isolation for us- COVID 19 positive tested people is doing that job pretty good. Not to say that its not important. It is extremely important for our safety and others.

I didn’t switch on the TV for initial few days. Mostly used my phone- to watch, to talk to friends, having long video calls with mom, my sisters and relatives. Although I have been living alone for quite some time, I was never really alone. Most of my day went by working, then catching up with friends, cleaning, washing and of course watching Netflix. Ahh, I loved it. Some spare time to just sit in front of TV often with my cup of tea and just sit silently watching my favorite season.  I am guilty of dodging calls with mom just so I finish the episode. OH God, it hurts right now.

Time has its own way of making us realize what is important, rather who is Important. It is of course important at this time to keep us entertained but honestly right now my only entertainment and relief is talking to my mom and my family. That is what really is keeping me sane not any interesting series on Netflix and definitely not the TV on my ceiling.

As my friend said it, it is bad engineering, but where else could they have put this TV. May be if they had put actually on the ceiling, I could watch it lying down straight. umm…No. Bad Idea. I imagined myself watching TV like that. LOL.

Having written all that, I guess it’s time to count my blessings, I have got free wifi, free calling minutes (even though less now and I really hope, pray, wish I get to go home before they exhaust), Netflix subscription (Smiley: eyes up), but genuinely and most of all, Time for my family, which I have had least in last few years.

I know for sure who all are going to read this blog. Thank you, you are much appreciated and loved. Thanks for being there.


(Why did I signed of with my name, I don’t usually do that.. Ahh, whatever).




7 thoughts on “Cozy room, Television on Ceiling

    1. Thank you. Positive attitude is what keeping me sane right now. Isolation is not something we ever plan for but life has different lessons to offer.


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