Are you home? Yes, I am

She lied. She didn’t mean to. Was it even a lie?

She has been staying in this hotel room for two weeks now and it has started feeling like home.

Her house is just few blocks away but she can’t bear the thought of going there. The thought of that house makes her nauseous.  All the lights of the house doesn’t lighten the darkness she feels inside the house.

She owns the house but it belongs to him now. This hotel has only few rooms. The room is tiny but bright, facing the street. He has not been able to reach her here so far, she feels safe.  The walls doesn’t haunts her. The room service girl is nice, chatty. Last night, she spoke for 20 minutes to her. Sana didn’t listen to a word she said, but the words kept interrupting her thoughts and made her tired. He controls her with her thoughts. If she can stop her thoughts, perhaps she can stop him reaching her. She can’t hear his whispers when she is listening to others. That’s the trick.

But he is powerful, he may still find a way to her. That’s what he does well. She knows it. She has to leave from this room soon. But right now, she feels home in this room.

He doesn’t leave when Sam is at the house but Sam’s presence makes his existence insignificant. He hates that. She loves it.

It’s a matter of few days, Sam shall be back soon.  She was finishing her assignment when her phone rang, Sam: hey, are you home? are you safe?

Yes, I am home and safe. Devil hasn’t been here yet.

I don’t know if I did justice with the picture but anyho…written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #FFFC




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