Her tight shoulders

Loosen up, loosen up girl..loosen your shoulders… Jasmine kept saying to Sarah while helping her to float in the pool.

This was Sarah’s sixth swimming class and she was still struggling to float. Jasmine is one of the best swim coach but she has started to lose her patience with Sarah. Sarah was not letting her body loose to float but she has was losing her motivation and hope.

Sarah finally said, “May be swimming is not for me. I can’t do it”.

Jasmine looking at the disappointment in Sarah’s eyes replied, ” You have no physical problem stopping you from swimming, whatever is holding you back is just in your mind, you need to let it go.

Sarah: Let go what?

Jasmine smiled and said, regrets of the past & worries of the future. See you tomorrow same time for the class.

Jasmine jumped out of the pool leaving Sarah behind to figure out her regrets and worries,  so she can loosen her shoulders and float.

Written for Fandango one word challenge #fowc




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