My Detours

DETOUR- The word reminded me of some major detours I took in my life or rather my life took for me…

1. I was supposed to become a kick ass teacher or simply do an MBA in HR Management but….


I literally kicked my ass to study like crazy and became a Chartered Accountant, so here I am now…


2. I was supposed to marry at 21 and adore my loving husband


But at 32, I don’t even love my pilloweL5wwZXkW11zG.gif

3. I was supposed to have plenty of kids by the time I am 30, here I am driving to office listening TED Talks on “How to keep Calm”


and 😉


4. At least, I was supposed to be a rich bitch, not searching my piggy bank. On a positive side, I search my Gucci wallet for cash left at month end…


5. I was supposed to be travelling the world with my husband and setting some real couple goals


Well, I still love having a crazy time with my bitches


Guess detours are not that bad either…what matters is, if that hell ride was a fun ride?

Yes Indeed!!

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka, FOWC) 12th October 2019 #fowc

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