For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I had a fairly nice day today. Wait, whatt?

I had a very crappy day. Why? because I drove almost 100 kms, got stuck in bad traffic, spent half an hour just to find a parking spot, spent 100 bucks on a crappy meal, met few people though a meetup whom I didn’t connect at all and have no intention to meet again and got to know the real colors of someone I was really thinking of a nice person, jerk.

But now when I am finally on my bed, I am actually feeling good. Even after driving so much, I am not really tired, in fact writing this blog. I had my favourite meal in the dinner, finally got a pair of sandles that I have been searching for a while, had a good time with my friend, now making a tea and planning to watch something cool on netflix. So was it a good day or bad day?

Everything bad has an equal amount of good in it. They re the the sides of the same coin, we just need to spin it. Every disappointment has an equal amount of opportunity and hope. Every crappy day, is in fact, a good day too.

4 thoughts on “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  1. It all starts in the mind. You got it right. Sometimes the universe uses opposites to teach us what we have to realize. The beautiful may bypass us until we see the ugly, for example. I have had days like yours in the past when I rushed out to meet newly discovered relatives met through family tree building at Ancestry. We shared memories of the same relatives even though we did not know each other. While that past connection was good, I failed to think through the FACT that I needed to get to know these people better by observing their behaviors through email and phone and text. By rushing into them I failed to note that memories aside, some of us had little in common with the people we are today.
    By reflecting on this I realized how blessed I’ve been, especially in the years after my parents divorced and Mom and I removed some toxic relations based on blood from our lives. We gathered a family of friends who drew close. We also bonded even better with my Mom’s parents, sibling and his wife. It was a whole new network of relationships based on kindred spirits.
    Good post!

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