Pen & Paper Girl

I have been always into writing. Not that I am saying I write great, but I write and I wrote, almost everything. From school notes to personal diaries. From my emotional conflicts to family issues. I guess practically everything. I don’t even know how many diaries I wrote and surprisingly I don’t even know where all those diaries are now. We shifted houses quite often during my childhood and then I moved out of home to a different country, so I honestly don’t know where most of my stuff are. In fact, I don’t even have my room anymore in my mom’s house. They made it a store room. I mean seriously…Ok!! I am going out of topic here.

So the point I was trying to get to is, I write a lot. I think I am one of the few from my generation who are still hitched to Pen and Paper. It took me a while to even start a blog page, just because my brain works more when I am writing on a paper. To tell the truth, at times, I have actually written a blog in my diary before typing it here. I make my ‘To Do’ list every day at work in my notepad then copy on screen. I write my reminders in my diary then type it on my cell. The list can go on and on.

What more motivated me to write on paper are those fancy, colorful diaries. I loved to buy them and buying different color pens.  Well, I don’t buy pens anymore, thanks to the office stationery.

But NOW is the time to change. I have really enjoyed writing on a paper but it’s time to shift not because its old school, I would actually love to call myself old school but because I write a lot. Important things, reminders, in fact few years back I started writing the affirmations, gratitude following ‘The Secret’ book. I guess of all the silly things that I have written, those were the most stupid ones. Not to offend ‘Secret’ followers but in my opinion it was just silly or may be I didn’t get it right. Nevertheless,  now I don’t know where those notes are too. I have so many diaries and so many notes in my tiny home and if I have to find something I wrote, I have to do this…………………………………..NOTHING, because I can’t. I can’t find it.  Before you comment about my organizing skills, please know I travel a lot, live alone, shift houses quite often and have lots to manage and organize on my own. Please forgive me if organizing my diaries doesn’t fall into priority.

So this is the time of making a choice, my love of writing is more than my love for paper. Even though it is easy to write on paper, its difficult to find it later. What’s the use of filling pages then. It’s like telling to the teacher, I did my homework but forgot the notes at home. yeah, I am from that time.

 So cheers for the commitment, to write more but on a different medium.





3 thoughts on “Pen & Paper Girl

  1. I totally understand, I also love to put pen to paper! I was that person at Uni that always hand wrote notes while everyone else was typing on their laptops. Great post 🙂

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