“Am I Gullible?”

“Am I so gullible?”

Sure yes you are, but the bigger problem is that people also know you are.” Ruby answered bluntly to Shanaya

Ruby had insisted Shanaya to go for a ride around the vicinity of their homes to clear her mind. Shanaya anyway didn’t had anything else to do on the long weekend. She was expecting to be asked out by her boyfriend who had promised to spent the weekend with her for sure this time, but suddenly has got something else yesterday.

“But isn’t everyone?” Shanaya tried to find some justification for herself

“No. Not everyone’s first instinct is to trust people unless it has been earned. But yours is. You handover your trust serum to everyone and hopes that they will not spill it.”

“Trust serum”, seriously. You could not come up with anything better.

“How does it make any difference. Serum or syrup.  The point is, you trust people so easily without even knowing whether they are worthy of your trust or not. ” Ruby continued to put some trust sense in Shanaya

So you mean we should consider everyone as a threat or liar unless they prove themselves to be truthful.

“That’s not how it is, that’s not what I meant Shanaya, Its just that you are gullible, you trust so easily and that is why you are betrayed and hurt so easily.” Ruby insisted on her point.

Gullible is not a fool but someone who puts their trust on people even after being betrayed so many times. I chose to trust knowing that I might be betrayed but expecting I may not. If that is counted as being a fool.” Shanaya was still trying to find words to justify herself

Isn’t it? Ruby said in a low voice as they took a turn to quick bite, their usual hangout cafe

I think the answer lies in if the the pain of betrayal is more or the joy of trust.

They both parked their bikes and headed for the cafe.

Written for #fowc one word challenge http://fivedotoh.com/2018/08/01/fowc-with-fandango-gullible/









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