I could feel your presence many a times. Sometimes during the day in the crowd and sometimes when I was alone at night.

You whispered in my ears, things I needed to hear; I trusted your words less and avoided them more, as for the heart they were sore

Night by night you came and comforted me, talked me out of the mess I had again put myself in

I held you tight at times, but let you loose when other voices were loud

I tried to find you in every person I met, every friend I played, every relation I made

Only if I knew I could never know you in someone else,

I don’t know if I will ever know you all or you will always be a little mystery to me

But I love you for as much I know you and for how much unknown you are to me,

for as long as, I am you and you are me.

When I looked for the most known, I found me and yet there is me Unknown.

For myself.

Written for Fandago http://fivedotoh.com/2018/07/29/fowc-with-fandango-unknown/

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