Me Before You- EGO

If you will tell me, I will tell you too,

Darling! you need to call me, I really have been missing you,

But calling you first is out of league,

I love you a lot but it is me before you.

Mom, I had a fight with you in the morning

In evening, you prepared my favorite meal,

I want to apologize but I rather act indifferent than to do so,

Mom please understand, it is me before you

I know you can do this better than me,

But mate, I rather choose not to ask you,

and tell my success too, it is me before you

You ask forgiveness from me,I will surely forgive you,

But then you say that I hurt you too,

Didn’t you know? It is me before you

I shouted at you for no fault of yours,

Just had a rough day finishing chores,

Then you go to your room and close the door,

I feel terrible but rather will call you difficult,

This is not what I want to pass on to you,

But still my kid, it is me before you

I have always tried to be better than you,

Now I know together we can pull it through,

But I would rather delay my dream than shake hands with you,

My dream,you have to wait since it is me even before you

I have said “Sorry” a thousand times,

I don’t remember when last time I meant it too,

It has really been a long “Me before you”

Written for #FOWC


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