“Are you ok, Is something wrong with you?”

“What! yes, everything is cool, why?” Shocked Amara replied to her colleague Carla’s question who just entered the kitchen and asked her this,

“You look really worried and tensed about something”, said Carla

Amara answered, “Nah, I am just sad that its only Tuesday, Isn’t this week seems too long”

Carla: “Yea ask me”

This was not the first time Amara had been asked this question. She had been asked this from different people right from her school times and sometimes even from random people in metro. This is the problem of people with thoughtful minds and expressive faces and she knew she was one of them.  Why Amara got shocked this time is because over the period she had learned to control her expressions whenever she is going through some emotional turmoil inside. If she is feeling good about something, she still smiles in herself and people can learn very easily that she is happy about something.  Recently this is the second time someone had asked her “If she is fine” at her work. This made her worried.

Carla came back to her room. She knew Amara lied to her. She has worked with enough people to understand when they are stressed about the long week and when it is something else. But she also knew Amara answer was to avoid the question and she was not that close with her to insist her to speak.

Our face is the reflection of our heart and that is the reason expressions on our faces reflects our emotions inside. But it is also the face which can be easily fabricated and sometimes it is as easy as putting a wide smile on your face to make people believe everything is alright.  It is still easy to control expressions on your face but more difficult to control the expressions that are reflected from other things. Once my German dentist told me that after our heart our teeth and gums are the ones who suffer from the stress that we go through.  People with stress often clench their teeth’s too much which put pressure on gums and teeth especially wisdom tooth.  Neck pain, headaches and even nightmares all these are form of expressions of what is going inside us.

I remember an incident from my childhood.  Once we were at my grand mom’s place, me and my cousin who was just 4 years old were alone in the hall when we heard some loud noise from outside. We went out and saw there was some shock in the electricity wires but it was taken into control. I asked my cousin, “Did you get scared of the sound”, to which she very calmly replied, “No, only my legs are shaking” I looked down and her legs were literally shaking. I can never forget that incident. I still tease her for that.

Hiding our face expressions behind a wide smile is good and sometimes for the best but if still people are able to read what it behind your smile, maybe it’s time to talk and take help.

That night Amara called her friend and spoke her heart out.


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