Does the word ring a bell?                                                                                                              Has it ever made your life a living hell?

Were you ever told, do it by deadline or you are dead?                                                              And then they laughed and said not literally, but your respect will be in shreds.

How many times you broke your spine to finish that deadline?                                            You thought at the end you might shine,                                                                                     but you were made to feel you were the worst in line, and that’s because one paragraph was not aligned

Sure no one can turn a day into night and a night into day,                                                      But deadline can make your night and day as unrecognizable as your say 😛 🙂

Number of hours and months you have spent for that deadline;                                          You could measure that from your waistline

How many occasions you didn’t attend saying “You have a deadline”,                                Not realizing for what it’s worth, your life is in decline

Having said all that, none of this matter,                                                                                      As long as “the deadline” can buy you your favorite platter

For #FOWC-Deadline


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