“Moment”- As I say this word, I get goosebumps. It opens the box of memories of moments in my mind.

Recently, I came across a word “Kairos” , an ancient greek word which means the exact right or critical moment. Actually, if I think about it, every moment we remember is Kairos when something critical happened or when something important should have been done but was not. Rest all were just minutes, hours, years which passed by.  Our life is a combination of all those Kairos, those critical moments, some which gave us happiness of the world, some other which took away our world.

Right at this moment, so many moments are revolving in my head and I just want to write them all down.  But I am going to write only about two of such most critical moments of my life in separate posts, one which scarred me and the other which shaped my life.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be writing about two critical moments of my life in separate posts. But I want to end this post by writing one important moment of my everyday.

Every morning afer my shower, I sit for 10 minutes just doing nothing other than sipping my tea and looking at the vastness of sky and imagining. I am an imaginative thinker but ironically my profession does not allow much of the imagination, its mostly facts and figures. So letting my mind wander for those 10 minutes in the idleness and vastness is my form of meditation which connect me to myself. The featured picture is the morning sunrise view from my room.

I have written this post in response to #FOWC post about the word “Moment” .I would really appreciate if you read this, please write one your favorite moment.




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