An evening in Spain

“I will be back in a minute”, she said and went outside the restaurente holding her phone. When she was not back for a while, I knew where she had gone.

I knew her for a while but still didn’t know her that well.

Granada is a city in the southern spain in the foothills of nevada mountains. It was a cold December evening and I kept sitting there in the same turkish restaurente, having my meal and trying not to think on the events that have happened in the past few days with me which included being mugged, losing luggage at the airport, falling sick and most importantly betrayed by a close friend.

I don’t remember when was the last time someone took care of something for me. Having been living alone for a while, I have got used to being self dependent. But God has his ways of letting you feel at times what it means when someone does something unasked for you.

She got the call from the driver who was delivering my luggage lost at the airport. She didn’t tell me because I would have insisted to come to help her pull the luggage from the vehicle to our uphill hotel.

She came back panting after almost half an hour and said “You have got your luggage back, see things are not that bad after all”. I just smiled and let her finish the meal which she had left in between.

She didn’t pulled 30kgs luggage alone on the stairs of a hill just because I was sick and upset but because she wanted me to feel the satisfaction of getting my things back without any more struggle.

I didn’t say thanks to her then because a mere thanks was not enough. I had to let her know that I will remember that evening always.

This post is for her and for all those girls who are strong, tough and do not shy to even pamper their girl friends when needed.

XOXO #girls #spain #espanol


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