The Silent days

The silent days when nothing happens, just time passes by; You don't feel a thing, Neither pains nor the joy You get up in the morning; and do the day's chores, like the sun rises and then sets on the shores Do not my dear, have a strife with life; This silent day, also makes... Continue Reading →



It looks like a snow storm, I can't see anything clearly. It had been snowing but I knew my way. I think the storm drifted my truck from the main road. It is so white, I can't see anything beyond white snow covered mountains and all snow around me. I am stuck in the middle... Continue Reading →

From the Oval eye

Every time I sit in the plane, I feel the adrenaline rush in my body. May be its fear or excitement, it is difficult to distinguish as they say both are same for me. The best part of the plane journey is the view from that oval mirror. I am not sure if the shape... Continue Reading →

“Am I Gullible?”

"Am I so gullible?" Sure yes you are, but the bigger problem is that people also know you are." Ruby answered bluntly to Shanaya Ruby had insisted Shanaya to go for a ride around the vicinity of their homes to clear her mind. Shanaya anyway didn't had anything else to do on the long weekend.... Continue Reading →


I could feel your presence many a times. Sometimes during the day in the crowd and sometimes when I was alone at night. You whispered in my ears, things I needed to hear; I trusted your words less and avoided them more, as for the heart they were sore Night by night you came and... Continue Reading →

If you will tell me, I will tell you too, Darling! you need to call me, I really have been missing you, But calling you first is out of league, I love you a lot but it is me before you. Mom, I had a fight with you in the morning In evening, you prepared... Continue Reading →


What do you fear about the most? Is it getting into the ocean for the fear of Sharks? Or going into the woods for the fear of a wild; Is it not driving for the fear of an accident? Or not speaking for the fear of humiliation; Is it not travelling alone for the fear... Continue Reading →


“Are you ok, Is something wrong with you?” “What! yes, everything is cool, why?” Shocked Amara replied to her colleague Carla’s question who just entered the kitchen and asked her this, “You look really worried and tensed about something”, said Carla Amara answered, “Nah, I am just sad that its only Tuesday, Isn’t this week... Continue Reading →


Does the word ring a bell?                                                                                                   ... Continue Reading →

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